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Alcohol addiction is a chronic and often relapsing brain disease that affects millions of people throughout the United States. Addiction is defined as the compulsive physical and psychological need to consume a certain substance or perform certain behaviors. The many negative physical, emotional, social, mental and financial consequences associated with alcoholism must be treated through a comprehensive drug rehab program at a certified and reputable alcohol treatment center. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Amarillo, we help individuals who have fallen victim to alcohol abuse and dependence.

Abusing alcohol causes users’ bodies to build up a tolerance for the substance, and if not treated properly, can lead to addiction. This dependence changes the physiological and chemical structure of the brain, causing the user to consume more and more of the substance in order to sustain this new chemical balance. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Amarillo at (806) 318-9013 if you or a loved one needs help for substance abuse or dependence.

Treatment Programs

At Amarillo Alcohol Treatment Centers, our inpatient alcoholism treatment program involves an extended stay at our residential treatment center, which provides 24-hour care and a close-knit community of patients, as well as the guidance of medical and mental health professionals. Inpatient treatment is best for those with co-occurring mental illnesses, secondary addictions, or ambivalence about sobriety.
Our outpatient alcoholism treatment program allows patients to remain living at home while receiving treatment. As long as the patient is personally motivated to recovery, outpatient treatment can be successful and ensures patients are able to continue meeting obligations at home and in the community.

Alcohol Intervention

If someone you love has an alcohol addiction and refuses to seek treatment, an intervention may help convince him or her to get help. An alcohol intervention is best executed with the help of a professional interventionist. This person will educate you and other concerned friends and family about alcoholism, after which a meeting will be organized between participants and the loved one. During the meeting, select individuals will tell the loved one how the alcohol abuse or addiction has affected them and the addict will be encouraged to seek treatment for the problem. Interventions planned with the help of a professional interventionist have a 90 percent success rate in convincing the loved one to seek help. Call Drug Treatment Centers Amarillo today to find out more about the intervention process and how we can help. Dial (806) 318-9013.

About Amarillo, TX

Nicknamed “The Yellow Rose of Texas”, the city of Amarillo is the largest in the state’s panhandle. Known for its large ranches and rich history, this city also boasts many museums, art collections and parks.
The main drug of abuse in Texas is alcohol, closely follows by marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other opiate drugs. A rise in demand and smuggling has occurred over the last decade, and the problem continues to grow. Prescription drug abuse is also a large problem in the state, and affects all age ranges.

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