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Amarillo Addiction Treatment

amarillo addiction treatment

Amarillo Addiction Treatment

Addicts are the last to know they are addicted. Even if they are aware they are behaving incorrectly, they may justify their behavior with poor moral reasoning. Amarillo addiction treatment strips this illusion from them by getting addicts to confront themselves via group therapy feedback. It is particularly effective for “resistant personalities” that may have trouble evaluating their decisions (reconating) properly. Moral Reconation therapy falls under the mantle of cognitive-behavioral therapy programs used to help individuals figure out their negative thinking patterns and find new ways to address stressful situations. It is typically a short-term program lasting from eight to 12 weeks and done in a small group setting of six to eight individuals.

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How Moral Reconation Therapy Works

Moral reasoning is taught in Moral Reconation Therapy sessions by getting individuals to:

  • Think before they act
  • Review the consequences of potential actions first
  • To consider alternative paths of action so as not to limit their behaviors.

At first, individuals are taught how to be more introspective about their actions. Then, the individual is taught social skills that they may have missed learning earlier in life to take a less “anti-social” approach and to consider others when determining a course of action. The entire program then ends with techniques for problem-solving and relapse prevention in high risk situations, other than turning to drugs or alcohol.

How the Approach Benefits the Addict

Addiction can be the result of environmental and social factors that need to be addressed. If someone was brought up in a poor environment with poor role models, they might never have been taught how to deal with situations differently and fall into negative patterns that can be easily avoided with a little education. They may not understand how avoiding drugs or alcohol can have rewards in terms of positive life skills. They may not be aware that their behavior is anti-social or how to act differently if everyone around them when growing up behaved the same way. Thus, undergoing Amarillo Moral Reconation recovery in in a group setting with different feedback can provide them the disciplined approach to learn alternative ways of thinking and behaving, while also motivating them with positive rewards or negative consequences.

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