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Addiction aftercare is a set of treatments and techniques that are used during the addiction treatment process following the initial recovery treatments. In other words, if a person goes to detox and stays in rehab for several days or weeks, aftercare begins as soon as the patient leaves rehab.

The idea behind aftercare for addictions is to help the recovering addict maintain a drug-free and sober lifestyle. This goal is achieved through various treatments and is primarily designed to prevent relapse.

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The Truth About Relapse

What most recovering addicts do not realize is that they can be their own worst enemy. Their ego and pride tell them that they do not need additional treatments and support following their stay in rehab. However, the evidence is to the contrary. The first two months following the initial rehab experience represent the most risk for relapse. However, once those two months are over, you are by no means in the clear.

The risk of relapse remains heightened in the remainder of the first five years following that initial rehab experience. And while the risk begins to taper down after that, it is by no means an indication that people past the 5 year mark will not, at some point in the future, relapse. Sobriety and addiction recovery are lifelong commitments.

Overall relapse rates for drug and alcohol addictions range between 40 and 60 percent according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. This serves to show how important addiction aftercare is to properly maintaining sobriety.

Addiction Aftercare Treatment Options

Mental Health Support

While the therapy, both individual and group that a person participates in during rehab is helpful and begins to uncover the issues that led to the development of a drug addiction, it is not enough to really resolve these issues.

It is vital to continue mental health support going forward into aftercare. This can take the form or regular support group meeting attendance of formal therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist as an individual or as a family.

Mental health support is especially important for recovering addicts who are dealing with a dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and a drug addiction or substance abuse problem.

Family Therapy

As previously mentioned, family therapy is a viable treatment option to help with aftercare for a drug or alcohol addiction. Family therapy gives the recovering addict the opportunity to rebuild relationships with family members who may have been hurt or isolated as a result of drug addiction and related behaviors.

It also helps all members of the family to develop coping mechanisms as well as strategies for healthier communication and dealing with their emotions and thoughts about everything that has happened regarding the drug addiction and the subsequent issues and events.

Addiction aftercare helps addicts stay away from drugs and alcohol for good. Find the right relapse prevention services for you or a loved one by calling Alcohol Treatment Centers Amarillo at (806) 318-9013.

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