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Although illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin account for a lot of addiction cases, most would be surprised to learn that prescription drug abuse is just as significant. Whether it is taking medication that was prescribed to someone else or taking more than the recommended dose, misusing pharmaceuticals has become a serious problem in the United States.

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Frequently Abused Prescription Drugs

Some of the most commonly abused medications include:

  • Sedatives: Drugs such as Ambien, Valium, Ativan and Xanax are used to treat both anxiety and sleep deprivation. When taken recreationally, these drugs can make users feel effects similar to alcohol.
  • Opioids: Drugs such as Vicodin, Codeine, and Dilaudid are prescribed for pain and for chronic cough. Painkillers like OxyContin and Fentanyl are highly addictive. They are all capable of producing euphoric highs and a feeling of relaxation.
  • Stimulants: Stimulants are often used to make users feel more focused and energized. Medications like Adderall that are prescribed for attention disorders are abused by students who want to use the drugs for academic success.

While these drugs have valid medical applications, misusing them can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Oftentimes, users mix these drugs with other substances like alcohol, which can cause sickness or death. Finding treatment for addicts who are currently abusing prescription drugs is vital.

Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Taking medications more frequently or in higher doses than prescribed can cause a number of health problems:

  • Sedatives are often mixed with alcohol, which can cause adverse reactions that stop the heart from beating. It is also common for users to fall asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle or in other dangerous situations.
  • Opioid medications can cause slowed heartbeat and breathing. The respiratory system can slow down so much that it stops altogether, leaving the addict to suffocate. It is also common for opioid abusers to choke on their vomit while sleeping.
  • Stimulant abusers are likely to have liver and kidney problems with extensive use. Violent mood swings, headaches, weight loss, and insomnia are other conditions caused by stimulant drugs.

Even when they are used as directed, these powerful drugs can still be addictive. Taking more than prescribed, writing false scripts, or mixing pharmaceuticals is dangerous and indicates a substance abuse problem.

Prescription Drug Abuse Rehab

Rehab for prescription drug abuse is essentially the same as it is for illegal drugs. Patients are admitted to a residential treatment facility, and placed in a drug-free environment. Medical detox allows patients’ bodies to readjust to functioning without addictive substances.

Once detox is complete, therapy and aftercare counseling helps addicts stay clean. It is important to build a strong support network through family counseling, group therapy, and group meetings like Narcotics Anonymous for long-lasting sobriety.

If you suspect that a loved one may be involved in some kind of prescription drug abuse, you should act quickly. Speak to us at Alcohol Treatment Centers Amarillo at (806) 318-9013 for advice.

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