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There are more recovery programs for addicts seeking treatment than ever before. Modern rehabilitation offers a number of cutting edge medicinal practices and therapies that seek to target the source of addiction. This makes long-lasting recovery more possible than ever.

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Addiction Recovery Treatment Models

There are three models of addiction treatment that are used when designing drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs:

Cognitive/Behavioral Model

The cognitive/behavioral model of addiction treatment focuses on discovering the underlying causes of addiction. This includes discovering how behaviors that may seem unrelated to drug abuse and addiction may, in fact, be early warning signs of relapse or serve as triggers. This model also focuses on changing those behaviors and on developing coping mechanisms for dealing with those triggers as well as temptations.

Motivational Interviewing Model

The motivational interviewing model focuses primarily upon the relationship between an individual recovering addict and their therapist. Under this treatment model, the therapist serves less as a doctor or superior to the recovering addict and more as an ally.

This helps the patient develop a trusting bond with their therapist which is good for recovering addicts who may have problems with authority figures due to past events or traumas or for those who have used drugs for so long that they have become isolated and have difficulties forming close bonds with anyone.

Motivational Incentives Model

The motivational incentives model uses tangible rewards to incentivize patients to participate in and engage in their addiction treatments. This is best used in patients who are unable to respond to intrinsic motivational factors such as health and well-being.

Incentives are offered to patients who are reluctant to engage in their treatments for whatever reason. The motivational incentives method is used until patients realize the true value of their treatments and no longer require tangible incentives to participate.

It is important to keep in mind that these models can be combined and mixed together within the same treatment program.

Recovery Program Treatments

In addition to treatment models, there are a variety of treatments available within the various recovery programs. These may include:

Restorative Yoga

Yoga is a practice designed to foster and nurture the connections between the mind and the body. Through a series of stretches, poses, and flowing exercises combined with meditative breathing techniques, participants in yoga restore balance and proper functioning in the body and mind.

In addiction treatment, yoga can help clear a person’s mind and relieve them of stress. It can also teach them how to focus and respect their body. The combination of physical exercise and relaxation helps to get the body over its chemical dependency upon a drug or alcohol.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a treatment technique that allows recovering addicts to learn a healthy, yet non-verbal way to express their thoughts and feelings. Many recovering addicts, particularly in the early stages of treatment have trouble articulating their thoughts and feelings and do not feel comfortable talking directly to others about their addiction issues.

Art therapy can help them to take a step in the right direction, allowing them to communicate through drawing, painting, sculpture or pottery. Throughout the treatment process, art therapy can help you to deal with feelings and emotions that may not have words.

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